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Treasure or Trash

As the old saying goes "One man's trash is another man's treasure"

Your trash might turn out to be treasure! Let our experts find out how much it's worth!

Treasure Hunting Made Easy!

Free Evaluation

Contact Spaces to send our professionals over to evaluate your items and determine how much they are worth!


Spaces Will Transport, Display And Sell Your New Found Treasures, Then Pay You Once The Items Have Found Their New Home!

Clean-Out & Donate

We Will Remove All Of Your Unwanted Belongings And Donate As Many Of The Contents As Possible. You Will Receive A Certified Tax Appraisal For Whatever We Donate! We Clean The Space Down To A Broom Sweep.

Let Us Make Sure Your House, Apartment Or Condo Is Ready For The Market! (I.E. Carpet Removal, Wall Paper Removal, Walls Washed, Walls Painted, Small House Repairs, & Other Cleaning Services To Meet Our Clients Needs)
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