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“Kong's Paradise” Where Las Vegas Meets Disneyland

As a Stone Mason by day and Copper Artist by night, J40’s “Kong's Paradise” is a clear illustration of this unprecedented budding talent arriving to light up the Cleveland Art Scene. The events that led to “Kong's Paradise” are as serendipitous as Striving Artist Jason Forro himself. Here,we have J40 fusing elements of his daily labor with his preferred medium of copper, to create an art that shows a persistent and untamed nature always present. In the process of creating this moveable feast, it was more than just putting the hammer & fire to the copper, it was the artist's relentless pursuit of circling back to his center. This vision quest to regain a piece of himself that was stolen, permitted the artist to conceptualize his art differently and strive forward into new paradises. “Kong’s Paradise”, therefore activates one's imagination by allowing the observer to take in the intricacies and the difficulties of achieving this subtle balance of stone & copper. The lights that shine down on the forest and reflect back upon Kong, are the artist's symbolic attempt to shine light into the world, while challenging himself to gain his own knowledge and truth of this experience.



If you or anyone else you know may want to become a Striving Artist at Spaces Consignment Showroom, please send serious inquiries only to Alex Sweeney.

Phone Number: 440-346-6369

Photo Credits: Ken Lesler

Striving Artist Logo: Mark Allender of K'Blammo

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